The key skills for the future?

A report by the ‘Institute For The Future‘ (IFTF) has released a report titled ‘Future Work Skills 2020′. The report outlines 6 drivers of change that will lead to 10 skills for the future workforce. A copy of the report can be accessed at the link below:

IFTF ‘Future Work Skills 2020′ report

The listed drivers of change and projected future skills are the opinions of the researchers. However, they do make sense, and while such predictions are just that, they can provide some insights to where we might be heading. In some cases, you can already see that these are skills we might need now, let alone in 2020.

Perhaps the bigger question is how we are going to get these skills. The report does say that there are implications for the individual, education institutions, business and policy makers. They make the comment that many education institutions are “largely the products of technology infrastructure and social circumstances of the past”, but do provide some insights on how education providers might change and get ready for the future.

Have a look at the report and se what you think. Are these the skills we will need in the future? How can learning environments get learners ready for such a future? Let us know what you think.

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